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We’re constantly looking for qualified teachers and instructors who possess good teaching skills and strong domain expertise in their respective subjects and are ready to share their expertise & knowledge with others. Joining us and creating courses is an exciting collaboration.

With the help of some of the best teachers in the industry, you may learn valuable skills with broader applications and simultaneously, earn some extra income along with helping people achieve their professional and personal growth.

If you are of the opinion that you possess informative Video Tutorials or can create quality Courses, please contact us on info@IGIG or call us at +91 80971 95231

    Send Sample Tutorial on info@IGIG with your contact details.
    Courses should be in good quality
    You should have exclusive copyright of the Videos.

We currently have five revenue share scenarios:

Through our Web Portal : When the sale occurs through our Web Portal without the Instructor's Coupon Code, then, the Revenue is shared as 70% IGIG Tutorials & 30% Instructor/Owner.

Through Instructors' Coupon Code provided by us : Revenue is shared as 70% Instructor/Owner & 30% IGIG Tutorials.

Through Ad Sales by availing Instructor's Coupon Code : Revenue shared is 90% Instructor/Owner & 10% IGIG Tutorials.

Through Ad Sales without Instructor's Coupon Code: Revenue shared is 90% IGIG Tutorials & 10% Instructor/Owner.

Through External Partners : When the course is purchased through External Partner Programs irrespective of the Instructor's Coupon Code, then, the Revenue is shared as 50% External Partner, 25% IGIG Tutorials & 25% Instructor/Owner.

If you have pre-recorded courses on youtube or on any other online medium, then, you can share the the respective ljnks to the customers with the defined Access Policy.




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Learn Tally Video Tutorials in Hindi, Learn Flash in Hindi, Web Designing Tutorials, Learn Photoshop Video Tutorials In Hindi, Learn Coral Draw Video Tutorials in Hindi, Learn 3DS Max, Learn 3D Studio Max